•  Introduction – What does DSEAR do?
  •  Employers/Managers & Employee Responsibilities
  •  Scope of DSEAR
  •  Effects of Dangerous Substances
  •  Flammable and Explosive Atmospheres
  •  Identifying Dangerous Substances
  •  Oxygen, Acetylene & LPG
  •  Fire Precautions, Fire Extinguishers & Identifying Ignition Sources
  •  Hazardous Categories & Zones
  •  DSEAR Risk Assessments –
  •  ATEX Rated Equipment Concepts
  •  Summary  & Test

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) came into force on 9th December 2002 and applies to workplaces in the majority of industrial and commercial sectors.

Dangerous Substances and Explosive  Atmospheres.

Course Aim

The objective is to gain an understanding of how DSEAR influences employers and employees to create a safe work place

Who should take the course?

Suitable for managers, supervisors and staff - to up-skill and refresh candidates with DSEAR knowledge to utilise in their everyday work.


1 day


Course Content.


Certification of attendance will be issued to all candidates, following a short assessment, Exam papers are available for retaining by the employer for compliance purposes.


Courses are normally delivered on clients premises.  Alternative training rooms are available at an additional cost.