Delivered to staff on your premises, with RoSPA video material and CW H&S certification for compliance records.

Designed with persons dealing with water and those persons that may have responsibility regarding water on premises.  Delivered direct on site.

This course is designed to assist you in the following:

  • Understanding what Legionella bacteria is 
  • Understanding the UK legal requirements for control of Legionella bacteria
  • Recognising the risks associated with the water systems in your portfolio or that you look  after or are responsible for
  • Ensuring that you have the knowledge to manage those risks in accordance with current legislation and guidance.

This one day course has been drafted from  ACoP L8 HSG274  Part 2 and covers:

  • Legionella in the news
  • Legionella General Awareness
  • Legislation in the United Kingdom
  • Responsibilities & Communication
  • Record Keeping
  • Competency & Training
  • Water Management in Practice
  • Chemical Hazards
  • Water System Monitoring
  • Assessment

Legionella Awareness Course 1 day.